Ampelos Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Room 406, 1st Innoplex B/D, 371-47, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (153-803)
Tel: 82-2-6679-0159
Fax: 82-2-6679-0147

Trading and industrial company, established in 1996. Gives logitic support in the relations with Korean manufacturers as well as with other manufacturers from Asia, Europe and north Amercia.

Total employees: 30


Ampelos Hi Tech Co., Ltd.
102-1105, Yeseung - Utopia, 186-7 Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea.

Trading and logistics company, specialized in Biotechnology, oriented to the promotion and introduction of Cuban biotechnological products in South Korea.

It currently works with products of the Finlay Institute, the Center of Genetic Engeeniring and the Center of Molecular Immunology.

Total employees: 5


Trinex MediTech Co., Ltd.
Room 406, 1st Innoplex B/D, 371-47, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (153-803)
Tel: 82-2-6679-0159
Fax: 82-2-6679-0147

Factory of medical and hospital equipments with R&D department. Manufactures auto kera refractometers, optometry projectors , autoclaves and others.

Total employees: 20


Terascience Co., Ltd.
Room 406, 1st Innoplex B/D, 371-47, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (153-803)

Trading company dedicated to Trinex Meditech products, as well as to other full induistrial plants, engineering projects, and advanced technology.

Total employees: 6


Ampelos Latinamerica S.A.
Cofrisa 8 Building, office 4
Zona Libre de Colón, Colón, República de Panamá
Tel. +507-445-2720
Fax. +507-445-1958

Trading company established in 1997. Authorized distributors of exclusive manufacturers of technology, equipments and industrial products.

Authorized distributors of Samsung Electronics Latinoamerica S.A.

Authorized distributors of Hyundai Heavy Industry.

Offices in Panama City: 550 square meters

Total employees: 30


Ampelos Caribbean Power S.A.
Ave. Manuel María Icaza, Lesseps Building, Floor 7, office 7-2. Ciudad de Panamá, Rep. de Panamá
Tel. +507-265-2601 / 2602
Fax. +507-265-2603

Trading, engineering projects and services company. Working for the energy sector (conventional and alternative).
Distributors of Hyundai Heavy Industries for Central America and the Caribbean. Shares the offices area with Ampelos Latinamerica S.A. and in Colón with Taipan International S.A. functioning in both cities.

Total employees: 3

Taipan International S.A.
Cofrisa 8 Building, room 4
Zona Libre de Colón, Colón, República de Panamá
Tel. +507-445-2720
Fax. +507-445-1958

Logistics and Trading Company. It manages warehouses of 1,200 square meters and an offices area sahred with Ampelos Caribbean Power of 450 square meters.

Total employees: 3

Ampelos Latinamerica S.A.
Sucursal en Venezuela

Avenida Principal de Las Mercedes
Ávila Building, Floor 1, Room 1-B
Las Mercedes, Caracas 1060, Venezuela
Oficina logística y comercial

Logostics and Trading Office

Total employees: 3

Mr. Dong Woo Kim
Dear visitor:

Ampelos Latinamerica a company registered in the Republic of Panama, with the purpose of working with the caribbean and latin american market and supported by the strong South Korean industry.

This company is part of a bigger group of companies called Ampelos Group, of which the main enterprise is Ampelos Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Seoul, South Korea. Also, in this group of companies are other trading companies, logistic offices and Factories all over the world.

Our presence in many different countries and our latin american market oriented design has given us the posibility of satisfying our clients with state of the art products and technology and at the same time, with very competitive prices, facing challenges that would be almost imposible of overcome for other companies of the same kind.

We will be more than pleased working for you, we are always at your demand.

Thanks in advance for your trust in Ampelos.

Automotive Industry

Diesel motors
Spare parts
Vehicles of different kinds

Electronics and Communications

Electrical appliances
Audio and video
Mobile phones
Solar panels and cells
Informatics and PC
Telephone cable, optic fiber, accessories

Plastics Industry

Molding injection machine
Blast machines
Extrusion machines
Plastic resin

Construction Industry

Modular systems
Chemical products

Food industry

  Fish processing machines
Sausages and conformed production
Vacuum packing systems
Equipment for sterilized bags
Equipment for laboratory and industries
Systems for refrigeration

Agricultural Machinery

Fodder mills
Medical Equipments
OR(Operating Room)
Medical emergency
Medicinal gases
Hospital furnishings
Biotechnological Industry
Cell culture
Instrumental for liquid chromatography
Biochemistry and immune - detection
Molecular Biology
Cutting, mounting and measuring
Ophthalmic and contact lenses
Consumables and auxiliary materials
Spare parts
Pharmaceutical Industry

Working lines
Auxiliary or peripheral equipments
Heavy Industry

Power generating set
Power transformation and distribution
Electric cables, accessories, tools
Industrial plants
Gas and oil
Chemical additives for industrial use

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